Average insurance rate for a taxi?

Where may I find inexpensive vehicle and tenants insurance?
Just how much will motor insurance expense me getting a Scion Tc and if im 16?
Does anyone understand what the common insurance costs are for OTR owneroperators?
New Car/ New insurance...need it quickly?
Motorcycle insurance?
I'm auto and 23 insurance companies need between $300 - $800 for motor insurance since Iam not 25 nonetheless. I refuse to spend. Is there other things I can do.

"Generally i got in a small collision although this can be to my additional question in reference plus it was the other owners problem. I reported and just named my insurance but i have to attend until thursday to talk to a real estate agent. just to reduce my nerves I must understand nowJust how much can it cost me to acquire $ 5000 insurance for my offer? Im in the usa texas.
16-year old motor insurance ?
Howmuch does your vehicle insurance increase if you have two traffic violations in annually

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